Simple, Easy Checklist for Important Documents in an Emergency

Documents to have in an emergencyLife is an interesting thing. Just about the time that you think, all of your pieces and parts of life all in order, life has a funny way of throwing you a curve-ball.  As a police officer I went to dozens if not hundreds of catastrophes in peoples lives. Whether it was an earthquake, a water main break, an unexpected death or sickness, or some unfortunate, impossible to plan for happenstance, I know of the great benefits of having some basic documents readily available and at hand.

When you see this list I’m sure you’ll say to yourself, Just like I did,” There’s no way I can finish this list.” That might very well be a reality, not only for you but, for me also. However, there are a handful of these items I have readily available. These documents shChecklistould, in my opinion, be digitally scanned and added it to a hard drive or thumb drive and placed in either a safe or another secured location away from your home.

If you are using Knowledge Preserve, you can scan these documents and add it to that system and it will update your various hard drive copies.

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