How Much of What Should You Plant in Your Garden. I Make it Super Simple.

My winter gardenEvery year that I sit down and plan this next years garden, I find it to sort of be a daunting challenge. Questions always go through my head generally around what kinds of vegetables should I plant, how much of them should I plant, and where should I plant them.

I have read so much about the term, “companion planting.” I haven’t tried much of that in my own garden but this year I am going to pick a single bed to try it in, and see how it goes. I’ve learned as I am becoming more self-reliant in my own food security that one of the most important things for me to do is to not take too big of steps at any one thing.

See I found that when I do something completely new in my life, and added it to my list of responsibilities, the first while, it seems to be a heavy burden.   As I incorporate that new chore, get more efficient about it, and find the balance, it becomes significantly easier to do, maintain, and even excel at.

So, if you were thinking about starting a new garden this year, I would start with a single bed. This bed should contain only the vegetables or fruits that you absolutely love.   After you have had a bed this first-year and you found of the benefits from it add another two beds the following year.   You will be amazed at how easy it will come once you get your feet wet.   You will learn all sorts of things including amending your soil, what kinds of irrigation to use and how much water each row will require.territorial-seed-chart

I have provided the following link to a guide of how many plants per vegetable will yield how much of any given veggie.  If you are using Knowledge Preserve in your emergency preparedness, I suggest adding that link to your Preserve.  Keep in mind this is simply a guide.   Many factors will go into what kinds of yields you get from any given plant on any given year.

This should be an enjoyable experience and an opportunity to gain a new skill. Go ahead and take bite-size chunks don’t over commit so, that way you will find the actual enjoyment in what you’re doing.   Your food will taste better and you will find more self-reliance, which, ultimately is the most freeing feeling in the world.

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