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headshot2Hi there, my name is Christian Thompson, I hope that you’ll find this website useful and maybe learn a few things from me and I in turn, will learn a few things from you as well.

I started my professional career in finance. I worked as a financial advisor for about 10-12 years and ended my career and as a bond trader with a specialty in convertible debt.

Feeling a need to truly contribute to my community, I funded and co-founded a non-profit in the City of Capitola called, The Capitola Public Safety and Community Service Foundation (www.capitolasafety.org). I was the President of the organization for approximately 5 years and oversaw its explosive growth and was truly fortunate to participate in the creation of several events including, The Capitola Rod and Custom Classic Car Show, which is in it’s 13th year (www.capitolacarshow.com) . I remain on the Board of Directors.

In 2007, I took a position as a Police Officer within the City of Capitola. During that time, I investigated everything from petty theft to such things as robbery and homicide. I am a recipient of a Medal of Merit and the Red Cross Hero’s award. I retired as a police officer in February 2015.

I now own a small farm in the Soquel Hills of California where I work to become more self-sufficient.

I have a big commitment to self-sufficiency as I watch and worry about the amount of debt that we carry as a country, I see the widening disparity between the very rich and the very poor, I’ve seen my own cost-of-living skyrocket, and I’ve watched as young people struggle to buy their own homes and achieve their own American dream. These things as well as others greatly concern me. I work toward self-sufficiency because I believe a time may exist in the not-too-distant future where maintaining a very comfortable middle-class lifestyle could become difficult.

All this being said, what an amazing time that we live in! The access that we have to information is truly remarkable and has never been seen in the history of the world. I encourage you to come with me, take the opportunities you have and learn how to be self-sufficient, one little step at a time.

I am available to speak publicly about the topic of self-sufficiency and the ways to become more so.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ChristianJThompson