You Can Find Self-Reliance Out of Tragedy

house-fire2Just about five years ago, I moved my parents into the small one bedroom home on my property.  It was an opportunity to be able to give back to them, take care of them as they grew in age, and bring them closer to their grandchildren.  For about 4 years, it was idealistic.  In February, my Dad accidentally set fire to the little home, nearly taking his life and destroying the home.  My Dad ended up in a rest home and my Mom had to be re-located into a temporary rental.  Since February, it has been a huge challenge.  Our insurance company, Sate Farm has been awful and we’ve had to fight with them to honor their commitments.

I was hesitant to tell this story in such a public forum but, I found the strength recently and realized how the challenges in our lives is what makes us who we are.  Much like the blacksmith who forges in fire and strengthens by water, I have found how my maker has given me this challenge and has shown me things within it, I was not aware.  The angels that surround me and my family; my neighbors, my friends and those who seem to come out of the wood work to help have inspired me and blessed me beyond all measure.  I give thanks to God for his blessings and works.

I have found further self-reliance in all this.  The ability to stand up to a large corporation only interested in profit, caring very little for the impact.  There are too many friends and neighbors to list but, to try…

Travis Huntsman (Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Office) Thank you, Travis, you being here, at the fire, only for a while was a great blessing.  Having worked with you in some very challenging situations I know of your strength and steadiness.

The Crew at Central Fire.  Having gone into this fire myself to get my Dad out, I now know the courage it takes to go-into a fire.  It’s no joke and they came deep, to save all they could.

My Neighbors, Dave and Mitra, who took my parents in immediately following fire, opening their home and offering any halp they could. What an amazing couple and example of champions of those who cannot stand for themselves.

home-fireMatthew Fanning, who has been a friend for a very long time. He graciously opened his guest home to my Mom and has been and continues to be right there as a trusted confidant from day-one.

Rick Wilson, who was one of the first to reach out and has continually offered whatever he could.  Encouraged me to take on this challenge and taught me a couple needed lessons, even when I’m sure he didn’t know he was trying to.

Mark Carmarlinghi who is a great example of local business man, husband and dedicated father.  He always is incredibly encouraging and finds a way to make you smile.

Scott Liess who has come to be a trusted friend, thank you!

Sam Storey, who I have known for many years has stood shoulder to shoulder with me. Thank you!

To my Mountain community, you have all blessed me and my family. Thank you.

We will begin the re-building soon!

In all of this, I have learned several new abilities for greater self-reliance.  I encourage you to take the good out of the bad, look to those around you in time of need and see who is there. Those are your community.  Graciously accept the help from them when needed, give them your strength and lend them your talents as real opportunities for service.

It is a fantastic thing this life we live.  Take it all in, breath every breath your given and find as many pearls as you can.

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