30 Minute Worm Bin From Recycled Materials….(Easy Worm Castings).

Some projects are bigger and more meaningful than others.  In this case, a small step toward more self-reliance.  My worm bin, I built a year ago or so.  It’s Worm Binmade from 2″x6″ redwood pieces I had lying around… a couple nails, two hinges and a latch?  Boom, worm bin.  I fill one side and at a point, I stop filling that side and move to the next.   The worms will vacate the area without new food once it’s been digested and turned into fantastic worm castings.

Its a really easy process.  You’ll need the following:
1.) A Bin.  Mine is about 4′ long by about 12″ tall and about 12″ deep (doesn’t need to be a specific size).
2.) Worms.   You can get them at Amazon easy

One thought on “30 Minute Worm Bin From Recycled Materials….(Easy Worm Castings).

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