Kombucha. Great health benefits, tastes great and one little step toward self-reliance.

This stuff is so easy to make and so expensive in the stores.  Dont buy it…..save the money and add it to your future of greater self-reliance and more freedom to do the things you want rather than the things you have to do.

For many thousand years, man has fermented and cured his food.  It’s only been since the industrial revolution, modern agriculture and large food manufacturers that we quit doing these things and as a result, lost many of the skills of how to handle, preserve, and retain for future use, our various kinds of food.  Recently, a burgeoning effort around the US has emerged with people harvesting their gardens, raising livestock, curing meats as well as pickling and fermenting.

Today I’m going to introduce you to Kombucha.  Kombucha is a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drink which, can be made at home.  It is said to have originated in what is now Manchuria around 220 BCE, and was traditionally used primarily in that region, Russia, and eastern Europe.  The jury is slightly out in the scientific community on the benefits of kombucha but, from my own experience, the benefits of including it into my own diet seem positive.  Dr. Axe has written an article titled, 7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha. 

You’ll need thee following items:

This is the SKOBY I was given. It came in a standard jar with a little kombucha

1.) SKOBY, typically, you grow one from ice tea left to ferment in room temperature.  I have a friend of mine who’s mom makes it a lot.  She offered to give me part of hers.  There is also a good tutorial on making your own SKOBY here.

2.) A large ceramic pot.  I chose on recommendation a water jug dispenser.  It has the capability to hold enough water and has a convenient spout for dispensing.

3.) Cheese cloth and rubber bands

4.) Black and Green Tea (preferably organic)

5.) White distilled vinegar (organic)

6.) For the second fermentation, some high aciding jucies like, lemon, lime, ginger zinger, orange, pineapple, etc.



**** TIP, wash your hands with vinegar before starting.

STEPS (1st Fermentation):

1.) Sterilize everything in hot water and vinegar. (don’t use metal tools here….. wood or plastic only.

2.) Heat 16 cups of water in a pot (doesn’t need to boil) and take off heat.

3.) Add 1-1/2 cups of organic sugar and stir to dissolve

4.) Add 12 tea bags (6 green tea and 6 black tea).  Allow to cool to room temperature.

5.) Add tea to ceramic pot and wring out tea bags and remove

6.) Add SCOBY

7.) Cover top of ceramic pot with cheese cloth and seal with rubber band.

* Once this happens, try not to disturb it or expose to light. Keep in a dark(er) place in your kitchen. Ferment for 5-10 days. About day 4, begin to taste if you like the flavor.  The longer it brews the less sugar and caffeine is present.

** IMPORTANT If there are any fuzzy clue or black growths on the SCOBY, dump the brew and start over 🙂 SCOBY will form tentacles and these are fine.


STEPS (2nd Fermentation):

Add to the brew:

1 tsp of finely cut ginger

1/4 cup of lemon

1/4 cup of ginger zinger

Fill each bottle leaving 1″ of head space, clean rim with vinegar and seal.

The length of time for the 2nd fermentation depends on your taste.   The 2nd fermentation isnt absolutely necessary unless you want it carbonated (which, I like)


*** ALWAYS leave at least 1 cup of brew in your pot for the SCOBY. The more you leave there the faster the next brew will ferment.





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