The New Herb Garden

Some wins are bigger than others.  This one was a project I started last year and took on too many… Any of you have that problem? Ha!

Well, we finished it…. me and the boys!

One of the things that I did and am so greatful for is that when I put in water and power, I put in extra, just about everywhere. At the time, I thought I was overdoing it…..not!

Got the boys in the dirt!
Got the boys in the dirt!

I started with 2″x12″ rough cut redwood that I bought at auction from a local auction house (search your local ones, they’re bound to be some around you).  I built the pyramid by cutting notches and bracing the corners with 4″x4″ redwood posts (deck screws).

‘I had stubbed up 3/4″ pvc line, connected a pressure reducer (25psi) and a 5/8″ coupler for drip line.  I ran a strip of 5/8″ line around the base (all the way around ).  I then ran 1/4 line up the middle to the top and also 1/4″ lines to each side.  At the top of each 1/4 line, I screwed in 360 degree sprayers.  Gives me ample coverage….  Set to water every other night for 20 minutes…

Incoming water
















BOOM! an automatic herb garden.

I initially planted:
Thai basil
Pesto Basil
Lemon balm
German winter











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