On Hiring (1)

Recognizing all of these wont apply in all situations, looking at each as a principle will allow you to adapt it to your process.

There are of course, a number of critical behaviors one must demonstrate and look for to gather the best talent and accomplish the extraordinary. Exceptional employees have choices will choose where they land based on personal optimizations which are likely to include; competency of their prospective management chain, the mission, likely impact(s) and an evaluation of the proposed resources with which to accomplish the prior.

While there are of course many other components for successful hires, these two are standouts.

1.) Hire only people you would work for

Good people are interchangeable in roles, challenges and needs. As in the sports metaphor, they can play defense as well as offence. Give them opportunity, support them in their growth and professional trajectory. What you will find are happy fulfilled people who at some point will have other opportunities. If you’ve supported them, they are more likely to stay. If they decide not to stay, there is a distinct possibility that through their new opportunity, you will find opportunity yourself.

2.) Find people who can get to, ” I don’t know” as fast as possible.

Let me lead with, for basic functions stand-ups, “I don’t know” is certainly not the thing you want to optimize for.

That being said, I prefer to work on big problems at terrific scale. The issue with these kinds of problems is, noone has actually solved them (yet). This means of course, people and other teams have tried and so, it becomes a puzzle to solve.

If you are surrounding yourself with the best talent, asking the right questions, backed by data, then, getting to as many, “I dont knows” is the goal. Identifying where and what are the actual areas needing solution. For basic functions stand-ups, “I dont know” is certinaly not the thing you want to optimize for.

For these problems, accuracy, data gathering, evaluation, time to steep, test, gather more data, re-test…..Just throwing money or people, expensive contractors or consultants at it hoping the “shot in the dark” will yield meaningful results, is in my mind, a fools errand.


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